Vehicle Ploughs Through Pedestrians At Times Square


At least 10 people have been injured and one person has died after a speeding vehicle crashed through crowds at Times Square, New York City.

Witnesses are claiming the car was travelling at high speed on Times Square before mounting the pavement and crashing into numerous civillians.

Police and ambulance crews are currently at the scene.

At the moment it is unclear if there was any motive behind the crash.

However one witness, speaking to Reuters News Agency, claimed that the driver’s actions appeared intentional.

Police are not treating the incident as terrorist related.

Another apparent witness claims that from 42nd-45th street bodies can be seen on the ground.

In the blurry aftermath of this shocking incident a video has emerged of the driver of the car being dragged away by police – however his identity remains unknown.

There are also rumours that a cyclist has been arrested near Times Sqaure.

More to follow