Venom Won’t Be Connected To Spider-Man Or The Marvel Universe

Marvel Comics

The upcoming Venom movie will not have anything to do with Spider-Man or the Marvel Cinematic Universe according to the Spider-Man: Homecoming director.

Sony recently announced they intended on pushing forward with their plans for a standalone movie featuring Spidey’s slimy symbiotic nemesis but there had been confusion over whether the movie would feature the wall crawler.

According to Fandango though Spider-Man: Homecoming director John Watts has cleared up any confusion surrounding Venom’s inclusion in the MCU.


He said:

It’s not. It’s not connected to the Marvel world, so that’s really intriguing… what that will be. I don’t know anything about it. It’s not connected, so there’s not that overlap. I’m only focused on my movie right now.

How do you make a Venom movie without Spider-Man? Well to be honest I’ve no clue.

The black-suited villain’s always been his most compelling when dealing with his pathological obsession with the web-slinger and if I’m honest, divorcing him from that sort of ruins the character.

I know studios need a ‘brand’ to help sell tickets but seriously what is Venom without Spider-Man? Sony would be better off just making their own original character or creature surely if they’re not going to involve Peter Parker?

Todd McFarlane

The only silver lining surrounding the project right now is that the director rumoured to be attached, Adi Shankar, has done some great work on films like Dredd, The Grey and Lone Survivor – although that was as a producer.

My fear right now is that Sony are pushing a Venom film for the wrong reasons, they’ve got a track record with that… I’m looking at you Spider-Man 3.