Vice City’s Fan Remake Intro Is Everything We Ever Wanted

by : Ewan Moore on : 04 Nov 2016 09:26


There are few games that most can agree deserve a remaster in 2016 – but I think 2002’s excellent GTA Vice City is one of them. 


Clearly, YouTube’s Majami Hiroz feels the same way. He’s taken Vice City’s excellent intro sequence and given it a wonderful looking visual overhaul.


Rather than attempt to make the 80’s-era GTA look exactly the same as a newer game like GTA V, I like how Hiroz has kind of preserved the jagged PS2 look, but turned it into a rather lovely distinct visual style.

There are all kinds of fancy new lighting and depth of field effects to marvel at, but frankly you’ll just be wishing that someone at Rockstar would hire Hiroz and get to work on a Vice City remake already.


Check out the full five minute beauty below.

At the risk of getting everybody’s hopes up too much, there is a chance that a full, ground-up remake of Vice City could maybe, possibly be on the cards.

Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive has said on two occasions that they wouldn’t rule out remaking PS2 GTA games – first back in June, and more recently during an earnings call earlier in November.


So Rockstar, Take-Two… if you are reading (which I doubt you are), please: Hire this man, or hire someone – anyone – to give us Vice City HD. We have money, I promise.

Ewan Moore

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