Vicky Pattison Hits Back At Body Shamers After Pic Causes Photoshop Debate

by : UNILAD on : 21 Nov 2016 16:03

The Internet has launched another classic body shaming-shitstorm, this time trying to take Vicky Pattison down a peg or two.


The ex-Geordie Shore reality star and I’m A Celebrity Extra host sparked online debate after uploading a photo of her in Australia.

The same day, paparazzi captured her from a different angle in the same outfit – and critics claimed she’d edited the photo on her Instagram page, making her look slimmer.

Pattison has since (and rightly so) hit back at the critics. Addressing the comments to The Sun, she said:


Body shaming makes me sick.

I am so happy in my life right now, working really hard at a new and exciting job on I’m A Celebrity Extra Camp in Australia and being part of an incredible new team.

It’s because I’m so secure and focused on more important things right now, that this latest critique of my body hasn’t floored me entirely like they normally do.

Obviously, an angle of a photo can alter someone’s body image entirely – be it slimmer, wider, taller or smaller. But because Internet trolls stop at nothing, the body-shaming continued.

So while fans speculated whether Vicky’s photo was down to the angle or if she had photoshopped the image, the 29-year-old continued to speak out about the scrutiny.

She said:

What is wrong with society when rather than congratulate a female on her new job, or be proud of her professional success or just admire her ambition or attitude, our instant ‘go to’ is to superficially shame her, make derogatory comments and deliberately hurt her self esteem? Would they do it to a man?

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and I’m healthy, happy and enjoying my life. I genuinely believe in inner beauty and that we rise by lifting and supporting others.

Too right. Body shaming – whether it be directed towards males, females, youths, or the elderly – is ridiculous.

It’s 2016, guys.

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