Victim Of Conor McGregor’s ‘Who The Fook Is That Guy’ Finally Has Epic Comeback


UFC featherweight Jeremy Stephens was the victim of an epic shutdown by Conor McGregor and he finally has a comeback, oh you know, almost a year later.

On Thursday, and just about 51 weeks since McGregor unleashed the burn on Stephens during a UFC 205 press conference at Madison Square Garden.

During the event, Stephens interrupted a question posed to McGregor – which is obviously something you just don’t do.

When Stephens was done with his ‘when I knock people out, they don’t move’ kinda-talk, McGregor paused and uttered what is now an iconic phrase.

Conor simply said:

Who the f**k is that guy?

But last night, Stephens finally retaliated.

He posted a photo of himself with his arm around McGregor’s mum, along with the hashtag ‘YourMomKnowsWhoDaFook’.

Pretty sure McGregor will have something to say back to this, probably within the space of a year, who knows.

But what I do know is, it appears the classic ‘your mum’ response will never get old.