Victoria’s Secret Model Admits How She Joined Mile High Club On Live Radio


The Mile High club is a very exclusive establishment… exclusive in the fact the only ones who seem to be a member of it appear to the rich and the glamorous.

I guess all the free space in business and first class gives one the liberty to indulge in their x-rated fantasies while the rest of us mere mortals have to deal with terrible aeroplane food, tin-can-like space and demonic children screaming their heads off for eight hours non-stop.

Interestingly enough, a recent survey involving 2000 people discovered more than half have dreamt of having sexual intercourse while aboard a commercial flight.

Furthermore, 17 per cent have actually gone and done the damn thing and among those illustrious Mile High Club members, is Victoria Secret model Kelly Gale, who admitted it on live radio.

The 22-year-old Swedish-Australian model, held nothing back as she gave intimate details about her sexual liaison in the sky to Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O, report VT.

Thankfully it wasn’t a random stranger she hooked up with, but her boyfriend – admitting to the radio hosts the two lovebirds got to ‘do the dirty’ in an airplane bathroom.

Despite her young age, she’s already gained a lot of success thanks to her height and washboard abs.

During the interview Gale – who has graced the covers and pages of Elle and Playboy – revealed her inner-freak when asked if she’s ever taken part in any sexy shenanigans in the sky.

Gale gave a no-holds-barred answer, confirming she has ‘done it’ in a plane and she very much enjoys it.

Australia Baby✈️???

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You what? More power to her, never be ashamed of your kinks.

Without even hesitating she told Kyle and Jackie O:

I feel like it’s something you have to do.

While she certainly ‘got hers’ it didn’t go unnoticed by stewards and stewardesses.

According to Gale she and her boyfriend – childhood sweetheart Johannes Jarl – were ‘busted’ when the two exited the bathroom at the same time.

While being part of the Mile High Club is technically illegal, she said the cabin crew took it pretty well and ‘just laughed it off’.

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I guess it pays to be rich, successful and beautiful.

You can get away with practically anything.