Games Arcade Calls In Bomb Squad For Incredibly Bizarre Reason


German police were forced to call in the bomb squad following a scare in the town of Halberstadt earlier this week.

A call was made by a concerned member of staff at a games arcade after hearing a buzzing noise from a bin.

This led to the building’s evacuation as well as neighbouring offices, plus a road closure while bomb disposal experts analysed the scene. In total 90 people were led away to safety.

The experts were mightily relieved when they removed the bin’s lid in the men’s bathroom and discovered nothing but a vibrating cock ring.

As reported by The Telegraph, the alert was called off fifteen minutes later.

Chief Inspector Peter Hartmann said of the incident:

There are clear guidelines for situations like this which the police must follow. Caution is advisable in an unclear and potentially dangerous situation.

But there are concerns the scare may have been caused deliberately and will be investigated further.

Hartmann added:

It’s not clear who left the device there, but whoever it was certainly do so intentionally.

A criminal police investigation is underway in this regard.

Well it is always better to be safe than sorry.