Video Highlights Shocking Nintendo Switch Flaws


The Nintendo Switch launched last Friday (March 3), and while there are plenty of folk who seem to be enjoying The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it seems there are some who have encountered some serious problems with Nintendo’s new hardware. 

YouTuber CrowbCat has put together a 12 minute video compiling various other YouTuber’s findings. The issues range from a few dead pixels, to the console simply deciding it’s not worth working at all.

Take a look below.

There’s no way to tell exactly how widespread these issues are, since Nintendo is obviously remaining annoyingly tight-lipped on the matter.

This writer’s Switch has been working just fine so far, though I don’t dare attach the Joy-Con grips after watching the video above and seeing how they can get stuck.

Issues include (deep breath) connectivity issues with the left Joy-Con controller, random system crashes, dead pixels, a terrible Wi-Fi signal, screen flickering, and the Switch screen getting scratched when placed in the dock.

Consoles usually experience troubles at launch, for sure, but never usually with this much variety. Hopefully the people affected can get it sorted in some way, because £300 is a lot to pay for a broken bit of kit.