Video Of Angelina Jolie In Acting Class Surfaces And Confuses Everyone


Footage of a 25-year-old Angelina Jolie in acting class has raised so many questions, and provided virtually no answers.

The footage was captured in the year 2000, pre-Oscar win for Girl, Interrupted pre-Tomb Raider, and pre-Gone in 60 Seconds.

It seems Angelina has only got better with time.

Answers on a postcard please:

1) Who stole Angelina’s voice?

2) What makes her NEED to hurt people?

3) Is she really fine? Or is she just acting?

And of course…

4) Who is the pony-tailed gent with the outstanding shorts and jumper around the waist combo? I don’t trust his intentions for their “date”.

Kieron Curtis

Kieron Curtis

An NCTJ Journalist with an MA in Sports Journalism, Kieron is an experienced social media journalist who has worked in the industry since 2015. His experience includes work with ITN, the MEN, WISH/WIRE/TOWER FM, and 8:50 Sports Digest... not forgetting his time at ASDA.