Video Of Girl Swinging Dog Around By It’s Legs Sparks Outrage

by : UNILAD on : 12 Feb 2017 00:00

A young girl has caused outrage after uploading a video to social media where she subjects a dog to horrendous abuse.


The child can be seen grabbing the dog by its paws before hurling it through the air, completing ten full 360s in the disturbing process.

The Daily Mail reports that the ten-year-old from Taiwan argued her treatment of the pup wasn’t abuse as her father told her otherwise. Her Dad is almost certainly wrong.

She reportedly says in the video:


I have asked my dad whether or not this is maltreatment. My dad said this is not maltreatment. Police officer also said maltreatment.

Unsurprisingly commenters were quick to point out that the ‘play time’ was totally inappropriate.

One user wrote ‘This is so cruel. I feel the pain for the dog.’

Another added ‘I think there are problems in her family education. [She] has no sympathy or empathy.’

The Humane Society International have spoken out to condemn the girl’s actions in a bid to prevent others making the same horrific mistake.

Wendy Higgins, a director for the group, said:

Swinging a dog by the legs risks causing painful dislocation, strain on the joints or even broken bones, not to mention significant fear.

In the video the dog appears subdued, almost in shock, and repeatedly licking its lips, classic signs of distress.


Meanwhile Tang Yongjia, the director of an animal health institution in Taiwan said the behaviour ‘is not appropriate’ and the girl’s family will be contacted to prevent her from torturing the family pet further – too bloody right!

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Daily Mail
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    'My dad says this is not abusive': Taiwanese girl's video of herself grabbing her pet poodle by its legs and swinging it around in circles 'for fun' causes outcry