Video Of Plane Caught In Crazy Winds Will Put You Off Flying


This is what happened when a passenger jet tried to land on a runway with pretty intense crosswinds – you might want to avoid pressing play if you’re scared of flying already.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by a user known as Flugsnug and shows the Airbus A321 attempting to land at Birmingham International Airport.

Everything appears to be going smoothly until crosswinds knock the plane severely off balance, forcing the pilot to pull up just before touchdown, reports Mashable.


Eventually the plane comes back round and lands successfully but it still makes for a harrowing watch.

Strangely, dealing with crosswinds are incredibly normal and just an every day part of being a pilot – but that doesn’t mean they’re not rather sickening to the average video viewer.

One of the officers on the plane actually commented on the video writing:

Nice video. I was the First Officer on that flight inbound from PMI Just another day at the office.

But if you thought this was eerie, then this video from Hamburg Airport a couple of years ago will probably put you off flying forever…

Oh dear…