Video Of Rat Emerging From Toilet Will Scar You For Life


Picture the scene. You go to the toilet, relieve yourself, and press down on the flush button, handle, or chain.

Like 99.9999999 per cent of the time you expect you’re going to walk away, wash your hands, and go about your business.

But this isn’t 99.9999999 per cent of the time. This is the time that fucks you up and scars you to the extent that you never want to flush a toilet again. This is the time the rat leaps from the filth and wetness of the bowl and into your bathroom, reports the Mirror.


Fortunately, this isn’t a personal anecdote but merely my interpretation of how this poor bastard felt as a dripping wet rodent clambered its way out of his toilet and down the side of the toilet seat.

The short video was filmed by Ross Kirwan, from New South Wales, who thought it would be wise to try and flush the rodent down the loo. Spoiler alert – it wasn’t a wise idea, which is reinforced by the fact Ross yells ‘Jesus Christ’ before stopping the video.


Although the clip is only 12 seconds in length it’s more than enough time to get a taste for the fear.

Personally I’m quite glad the little fella made his way out of the loo and into the realms of sweet freedom!