Video Of ‘Russia’s Tom And Jerry’ Goes Viral, Is Surprisingly Gripping

Live Leak

That Jerry was always a sneaky bugger and it appears one real-life mouse has been taking tips from the tiny cartoon legend, resorting to very cunning tricks to fool a cat on the prowl.

A new video uploaded to Live Leak shows a mouse completely outsmarting a cat in Russia, in a surprisingly gripping live action version of Tom and Jerry.

Thanks to this little guy’s quick thinking, he hides inside the wheel of a truck, and is pretty well camouflaged.

Meanwhile, the cat searches desperately for the mouse, walking around in circles and is clearly completely confused as to where its adversary has disappeared to.

The tense music from Jaws only adds to the suspense of the situation. Will our hero live to fight another day?

Unfortunately, there are no mallets or axes employed by a mouse out for retribution, but it looks like the poor little fella does make it away from the clutches of this cat in the end.