Video Of Woman Swallowing Four-Foot Long Balloon Goes Viral


In one of the stranger party tricks we’ve seen in a while, a young woman has become an internet sensation after a Facebook video of her swallowing a 4ft balloon whole has gone viral.

The short clip has already received more than 6,000 hits as viewers attempt to work out how she’s pulling off the extraordinary stunt.

The footage from a party shows the woman guide the humongous orange balloon into her mouth as guests cheer her on.

The unnamed woman then proudly turns to the camera, flashes a smile and gives the universal peace sign, as though her trick is entirely normal behaviour at a busy restaurant.

One Facebook user labelled the trick as “impressive”, as well as a lot more less-than-appropriate comments which we won’t reproduce here. You can use your imaginations on that one…

So, smoke and mirrors or bizarre snake-like talent? You decide.