Video Shows A Five-Year-Old Girl Hypnotising Animals With A Stroke Of Her Hand

by : UNILAD on : 18 Aug 2015 16:42

A five-year-old girl pretty much crushed the notion that you should never work with animals or children on live television, when she stunned the audience with her impressive party trick.

The girl wowed the Chinese public and judges on a popular talent show when she successfully hypnotised a series of animals in front of a live audience.


Han Jiaying caused five animals – a dog, a chicken, a rabbit, a frog and a lizard – to fall asleep within five minutes, using just her voice and the touch of her hands.


During the performance on ‘Amazing Chinese’, China’s answer to Britain’s Got Talent, she stroked each animal before laying them on their back. She then stopped touching them and lifted up her hands, yet the animals lay completely still and appeared to be in a trance.

Judges on the talent show and members of the audience looked visibly amazed as Jiaying worked her magic and, at the end of the performance, all the animals woke up simultaneously when she shouted.


Admittedly, not everything went to plan as, at one point, the frog and the dog woke up and started moving around. But, still, it’s a pretty impressive feat!


Experts say that the trick uses a natural reflex called ‘tonic immobility’ or ‘apparent death’, in which some animals appear to be temporarily paralysed to fool an external threat or a predator. Humans can induce tonic mobility by gently restraining an animal, particularly when on its back or side.

Jiaying first discovered her talent more than a year ago, after hypnotising a frog that someone had brought into her school.


It’s probably a trick people are going to want to learn to calm down their rowdy pets, but we really wouldn’t recommend trying this one at home!

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    Animal magic: Meet the five-year-old girl who can hypnotise creatures with the stroke of her hand