Video Shows Brutal Brawl Between Easter Bunny And Shoppers


Footage has emerged of the moment shocked shoppers witnessed a full on brawl break out between a mall’s Easter bunny and members of the public.

The incident – which took place in the Newport Mall in Jersey City – was caught on camera by onlooker Kevin Pineda, reports the Telegraph.

The video of the fight has now been retweeted more than a thousand times.

Kevin told the Washington Post:

I was just at the mall eating on the third floor when me and a couple of friends heard commotion going on downstairs, like yelling.

We looked down and a woman was attacking the man in the bunny suit and then the rest is in the video.

Several more people seem to have got involved in the brawl and one onlooker can be heard saying: “Oh, the Easter bunny throwing hands! Oh, he curb stomped him!”

A group of security guards then rush in to break up the fight.

No further information has been released as yet – it is not known why the brawl started or whether any of those involved will face criminal charges.

It’s safe to say the Easter Bunny was hopping mad though.