Video Shows Brutal Reality Of Bull-Running, As Spain Sees Third Goring Death

San Fermin Running of the Bulls 2015 - Day 3Getty

Another man has died from injuries caused by a raging bull just after matador Victor Barrio was gored to death in front of hundreds of fans.

Bull-running enthusiasts were forced to hide behind walls and take refuge in their cars after a bull broke through a security fence on Saturday. One died and two were injured in the incident, the Mirror reports.

The man who died in Fuentesaúco, Zamora on Saturday is believed to be in his 60s and only just retired.

He took the full force of the bull as it broke through a security fence and cornered him at the end of an avenue, goring him three times.

Reports say he died virtually instantaneously and a piece of wood was used as a stretcher to take him to an ambulance. According to a police spokesman: ‘There was nothing which could be done to save him.’ His brother was also injured in the incident, although not seriously.

The Mayor of Fuentesaúco, Gaspar Corrales, said he did not see the incident so could not comment but assured all the necessary licences and permits were in place.

San Fermin Running of the Bulls - Day 3Getty

The festivities were immediately suspended and the town called for three days of mourning.

This man’s death comes just moments after Victor Barrio, 29, was killed fighting in Teruel when a bull speared him through the chest. Barrio died as wife Raquel watched on with hundreds of spectators at a bull ring in Teruel east of Madrid. It was the first death of a matador this century.

While Barrio was the first matador to die this century, spectators of bull running are killed more frequently. Last year, 12 people died at bull festivals across Spain.

This year, nearly 40 people have already been injured at the four runs as part of the Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona (known in Spain as San Fermin).

The festival takes place over eight days.

Eleven men have been gored so far in the four bull runs held this year in Pamplona, including three Americans, a Japanese national, an Indian, a Canadian and a South African. Every one of them is still in hospital with the exception of one, the Express reports.

San Fermin Running of the Bulls 2015 - Day 3Getty

On the festival’s second day, seven people were gored, six of them foreigners.

Red Cross officials said one was gored in the neck and suffered a near five-inch wound which reached the base of his tongue.

Our thoughts are with the families of both Victor Barrio and the man killed in Fuentesaúco on Saturday.