Video Shows Bulldog Attack Over 20 People In Two Hour Rampage

by : UNILAD on : 07 Aug 2016 16:47

A dangerous dog was shot dead by police after it went on a crazed rampage savaging more than 20 people.


Terrified shoppers ran for cover as the snarling creature attacked anything in its path before police eventually shot it dead, reports The Mirror.

Among the bulldog’s victims were an eight-year-old child and 75-year-old man as well as numerous other bystanders in Guizhou Province in China,


CCTV footage shows the deranged mutt stalking a man down the street before launching itself at him and subjecting him to terrifying attack.


The dog can be seen sinking its teeth into the mans leg and then arm as he desperately tries to fend it off.

Finally he manages to escape from its jaws after hitting the animal on the head, however the dog just moves on to its next victim.


The crazed canine then turns its attention to a nearby woman, who cowers before the dog jumps at her. She then falls backwards into a car, eventually managing to fend it off with her bag.

The police arrived two-hours later, finally ending the brutal rampage after being forced to shoot it dead, CCTV News reports.

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The Mirror
  1. The Mirror

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