Video Shows Dramatic Moment Thief Takes Woman Hostage At Knifepoint

by : Tom Percival on : 17 Mar 2016 11:07


This is the terrifying moment that a thief armed with a knife held a petrified shop assistant hostage after a botched robbery. 


According to The Mirror the alleged thief , identified as Jose Alberto Gonzalez, ran into the shop with his weapon and demanded the days takings.

Thankfully witnesses managed to raise the alarm and Gonzalez was shocked when police soon arrived at the store, in the city of Tandil, in Buenos Aires.


But when officers attempted to force there way into the locked store he became desperate and took the assistant, named Andrea Firpo, hostage.


Gonzalez, then dragged Firpo to the corner of the room and put the knife against her throat, leading to a lengthy negotiation between the would-be thief and the police who tried to persuade him to surrender.


The incident was filmed by local television cameras at the robber’s request in order to make sure the police kept their side of the bargain.

In the dramatic footage Chief of police, Eduardo Quintela, can be seen pleading with Gonzalez in the door of the shop which is surrounded by armed officers and press.


Reportedly Gonzalez asked the police to call his girlfriend Nadia, after which he threw his knife across the floor and quietly surrendered, putting his hands on his head and walking through the broken glass door, allowing himself to be captured.

Ms Firpo has since been admitted to hospital suffering from shock, and is being observed by hospital staff.

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