Video Shows Ethiopian City Where Kids Feed And Befriend Wild Hyenas


In this Ethiopian city the locals are pretty friendly with the hyena population.

Residents in Harar feed the predators, and this practice has become a tourist attraction – even children are getting friendly with them, as seen in this video.

According to The Independent this tradition dates back to the 19th century, when local farmers started offering the hyenas food so they wouldn’t eat their livestock.


Over the years the animals have become friends with the human residents of the city, and are familiar enough to let people feed them meat off a stick – braver people even let them pick meat from their mouthes.

As one farmer says in the video: “If we stop for a while the hyena would get hungry and they might destroy our property or attack our goats and cattle and eat them.”

Another says a certain porridge they feed the hyenas can be used to predict that year’s weather.