Video Shows Hero Cop Tell Terrified Shooting Survivors ‘I’ll Take A Bullet For You’


This video shows the moment a hero cop tells terrified staff ‘I’ll take a bullet for you’ as he leads them from the scene of the San Bernardino shootings.

The clip, taken on a mobile phone, shows the courageous officer walking survivors from the disability centre where 14 people were tragically shot dead and a further 17 injured. The group is gathered in a corridor, too scared to move, when the policeman, carrying a high-powered weapon and wearing a flak jacket takes over the situation.

He can be heard to say: 

Are you ready? If you’re not cool, I’m not walking. Okay? Relax, try to relax. I’ll take a bullet before you do, that’s for damn sure.


There appears to be a lot of confusion among the group as he leads them to join other survivors as people can be heard whispering “who is it, who is it?”  and one person replies “they saw someone in black and I saw someone in black.”

The massacre took place when two armed suspects – now named by police as Syed Farook and Tashfeen Melik – burst into the Inland Regional Centre’s Christmas party.

Within minutes of the attack, SWAT teams had located the suspects after their black SUV was sighted. As the two sped away from police they are reported to have thrown pipe bombs out of the window before firing at the chasing officers. They were eventually brought to a stop and both suspects were shot dead by cops during a fierce gun battle.

It is now believed the attack was carried out in connection with an earlier altercation at the centre in which one of the killers is thought to have had an argument with someone in the building before returning to carry out the planned attack.

However, head of California’s FBI Bureau David Bowdich said it was too early to class it as an act of terrorism but there were ‘some indications’ it could have been the cause.