Video Shows Horrifying Moment Motorcyclist Is Taken Out In Head On Collision


This is the terrifying moment a motorcyclist is hit head on by an overtaking car.

The horrifying dashcam footage, filmed from the car in front of the offending Mitsubishi Adventure, shows the the two vehicles collide on the Marcos highway flyover in Baguio City in the Philippines.

The video begins with the car’s passengers happily listening to the radio as they drive down the two-way street when a car to the left of them tries to overtake them, despite the double yellow lines, suddenly a motorbike appears on that side of the road and smashes into the Mitsubishi.

car crash 2LiveLeak

The motorcyclist, who has not been identified, spins into the air like a rag doll and his helmet flies off. He lies motionless after his head smacks into the tarmac.

Shockingly however it seems the car filming the accident did not intend on helping the injured cyclist and they try and drive off but are stopped by approaching traffic.

The Mitsubishi Adventure blocks the right lane, in front of the victim’s body and another passing motorcyclist stops and comes over to help the man.

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The driver then gets out of his car with his hands on his head clearly shocked at what had happened. The two talk as the group in the car panic and end the recording.

According to FHM, Santos was told by Carlu Bueno, a nurse at Baguio General Hospital, that the rider was alive although he suffered an open arm fracture.