Video Shows How Thieves Are Stealing Your Money At Cash Machines

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This is the recent cash machine scam which is stealing thousands of pounds from unknowing victims every year.


The card theft is catching so many people out that it has led many banks to issue a public warning urging the public to ‘be fraud smart’, reports The Sun.

In the above video, Barclays, show two videos of the same staged robbery, mimicking the way in which prolific and professional thieves are currently robbing people’s cards and cash.


The video shows a victim using a cash machine. Behind him stands a young woman while beside him stands another man using an adjacent next cash machine.


Unbeknown to the victim, the pair are working together as partners in crime.

The woman drops handful of documents on the floor and, naturally, the victim turns to help her, leaving his card to come out of the machine as the man next to him rapidly grabs it and replaces it with a fake identical card.


As he casually walks off the woman reveals the man’s pin number to her partner, having read it while she was standing behind him.

The criminals then typically drain the victim’s bank account before he’s even had chance to realise…


Barlcays released the video in an attempt to warn people about the scam which has seen a surge in recent times.

They also released a list of advice which reads:

  • Don’t let anyone distract you when you’re at a cash machine
  • Cover your PIN when you pay in shops or go to a cash machine
  • Ignore people who speak to you when you’re at a cash machine – even if they appear to be helpful
  • Don’t use a cash machine if it, or anyone around it, looks suspicious
  • Call your bank straightaway if you think your card, PIN or other security details have been compromised

Apparently in the past year over £32.7 million has been stolen as a result of ATM theft in the UK alone.

So keep a look out when you’re next taking out cash.

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