Video Shows Incredible Moment Kingsbury Shopkeepers Confronted Armed Robbers

Nathalie Raffray

Mobile phone footage captured the moment a group of brave local shopkeepers in north London decided to take action and confronted a gang of armed raiders.

The eight-strong gang on mopeds smashed through the front of The Jeweller at around 2pm on Monday but, as they attempted to make their getaway with the loot on a busy high street, nearby traders took matters into their own hands.

The neighbouring business owners all quickly joined forces and intervened in a bid to protect the store’s owner.

In one crazy moment at the start of the video, one of the traders can be seen grabbing a knife from his stall and throwing it at one of the suspects!

Speaking to the BBC, he explained his decision, saying he spotted that one of the men had a gun and he was worried that “they might shoot and hurt some children”. And, despite them pointing the gun at him, he added that he “was not scared” and continued to chase them.

Soon, other bystanders jumped into action and threw wooden pallets and signs in an attempt to slow down the men on the mopeds. One man then tackled one of the suspects to the ground, detaining him before police arrived and arrested the biker.

Some of the jewellery was recovered by these badass locals, but it is thought about £20,000 more was stolen in the robbery in Kingsbury.

Police have praised the bravery of the heroic members of this community and it’s clear that the smash-and-grab raiders got a lot more than they bargained for with this heist!