Video Shows Japanese Webcam Livestreamer Accidentally Set House On Fire


Here is a brief lesson all the way from Japan as to why you shouldn’t play with fire.

Whilst livestreaming to the world, a Japanese user of Twitch has his world turned upside down when his home goes up in flames.

The problem begins as the man attempts to light an oil match, only for the oil container itself to spark.

Shocked, he then drops the flaming vessel onto the floor before spreading the fire further by placing a lit piece of material onto another flammable surface behind him.

The situation escalates very quickly, well beyond the unfortunate gent’s attempts to quell the flames with a few bowls of water.

Smoke rapidly fills the air and the man disappears from view before the tape ends.

Apparently no one was harmed as a result but the damage is clearly significant.

Obviously step one when a fire becomes out of control is to contact the fire brigade, but failing that I can safely say the next option is most definitely not place cardboard on top of the flames.