Video Shows Killer’s Chilling Taunt To Teenage Victim Hours After Shooting Him Dead


On July 14 last year, 18-year-old Vinny Waddington was shot dead in Garston, Liverpool after a car with three men inside ran him over before shooting him from close range with a shotgun. 

Although police have claimed they will never know who fired the fatal shot, one of the three men involved, Luke Kendrick, was captured on police bodycam just three hours after the killing gloating about the murder, according to the Liverpool Echo.

In the deeply disturbing clip, Kendrick claims:

These kids today, pulling up on crossers (motorbikes), pulling a gun on me, pulling a machete on me and then they must have been having a good fucking laugh at me them, ah we’ve just terror’d Luke…

But look whats happened now mate. You’re dead hahahaha. I’m fucking made up. Stick that on the camera. Pull a gun on me.

JS68303474-1Waddington Family

The video, filmed at Kendrick’s aunties house, proved to be a key piece of evidence leading Kendrick to be found guilty by unanimous jury decision yesterday and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Ryan Bate, 24, formerly of Earp Street in Garston, was also convicted of murder and sentenced to 24 years.

murderers2Merseyside Police

The third man who is thought to have been in the car is David Ungi Jr, the son of David Ungi Sr who was infamously shot dead in 1995, sparking a gangland war.

Ungi Jr is thought to have fled to Holland following the killing, prompting Merseyside Police to work with Dutch authorities to try and trace the key missing suspect.