Video Shows ‘Luckiest Woman Alive’ Escaping Point-Blank Shooting By Paris Attacks Mastermind

Man with gun 2Daily Mail

Remarkable CCTV footage has emerged of an Isis gunman’s weapon jamming, as he attempts to shoot a woman in the head.

In the dramatic video obtained by the Daily Mail, an ISIS gunman is seen pointing a machine gun at a woman crouched under a table. He appears to pull the trigger but the weapon does not fire, either jammed or out of ammunition. The shooter then runs off into the street, to a waiting car. The woman quickly gets up runs away.

The gunman in the footage is reported to be the fugitive jihadi Salah Abdeslam, who remains on the run six days after the attacks in Paris.

The footage shows an initially typical Friday night. All of a sudden bullets begin to fly into the cafe, sending people diving under tables for safety.

A woman, runs into the cafe from outside, holding her injured arm. She hides behind the bar where she is held and comforted by other customers.

A man throws himself through the open door behind her, diving onto the ground with his hands protecting his head. He then runs upstairs.

Woman runs inDaily Mail

The gunman, armed with a machine gun, then comes to the door of the cafe. He does not enter, instead he turns to his right, where two women are crouched on the ground, apparently under a table.

The gunman can be seen pointing the barrel of the weapon toward where the closest woman is, and pulls the trigger. The gun does not fire.

man with gunDaily Mail

The gunman then runs back towards a car in the road, as soon as he leaves both women flee.

The cafe was attacked in the middle of a rampage by three men driving around the 10th and 11th arrondissements of Paris, targeting customers in bars, restaurants, and cafes.

womanrunsThe woman runs to safety - Daily Mail

The three men are believed to be Abdeslam, his brother Ibrahim, who later blew himself up on boulevard Voltaire, and a third gunman, whose role in the attacks was unknown until street CCTV footage was examined.

The  men are believed responsible for the deaths of at least 36 people: 12 at Le Carillon and Le Petit Cambodge restaurants, 19 at La Belle Equippe, and five at La Casa Nostra.