Video Shows Man ‘Teleporting’ Onto Busy Road In Russia


Don’t believe in teleportation? You probably still won’t after watching this video, but to some, this is proof that Russia is developing futuristic technology.

The video, which is time-stamped as May 5th 2012, recently surfaced on YouTube and it’s causing a bit of a debate.

People seem to think a man in a lab coat (which looks more like a stylish Derek Zoolander-esque coat to me) can be seen appearing in the middle of a road somewhere in Russia, the Sun reports.

A few seconds into the clip, the footage shows a lorry suddenly swerving into the opposite direction – nearly missing the ‘teleporting’ lab coat guy.


But it seems a few people have missed the shadow of what looks to be the same man walking into the road, right before the truck swerves.

Teleportation or not though, it’s difficult to deny that whoever that person in the middle of the road is, they’re acting pretty strange.

Just another day in Russia.