Video Shows Moment Girlfriend Pulls Handbrake During High Speed Race


This is the shocking moment a man in Mexico was driving his car at high speed in a street race when his girlfriend decided enough was enough and pulled the handbrake up.

As you can see the vehicle, which is racing against two motorbikes, is travelling at an incredibly high speed – however it is rumoured the drivers girlfriend was furious about his decision to race so yanked up the handbrake, reports the Daily Mail.

Immediately the car slams on as the back wheels lock, but just milliseconds afterwards the driver loses complete control of the automobile and it goes hurtling into the central reservation.


One of the motorcyclists, who is filming the race, pulls over slightly and looks behind as the car flips over numerous times in the devastating crash.

The footage is believed to have been shot in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.

Worryingly the video itself does not show whether the driver or ‘girlfriend’ were injured in the crash.

Ultimately – videos like these just serve as further proof as to of why we shouldn’t race – and if you’re going to anyway, maybe don’t pull up the handbrake.