Video Shows Pokemon Go Players Ignoring Justin Bieber


Pokémon Go has gotten to a point now that nothing other than the game matters.

And if you’re lucky enough to spot a Gyarados, chances are you’ll drop everything to catch it. Even the chance to meet a celebrity.

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest musicians in the world right now, but in the world of Pokémon? He’s nobody.

According to a Reddit user, Bieber rolled up with his bodyguards in a popular Pokémon Go area by Central Park after a Gyarados was spotted nearby.

The Redditor wrote:

[Bieber] was hanging near a popular Pokemon Go spot in Central Park, when a Gyarados spawned near the Apple Store right off the Park. Cue crowd of 300 people running to the Apple Store.

Everyone is so engrossed in catching the big guy, no one notices when a black car pulls up and Justin Bieber + 6 body guards roll out so JB can join in the hunt.

Statistically there had to be at least a couple huge Bieber fans in the crowd.

But listen: priorities. There are things more important than pop stars.

And those things are Pokemon :)

In an Instagram video posted by his manager Scooter Braun, the Biebs can be seen running through crowds of people in an attempt to catch the rare Pokémon.

Players can be heard yelling about the Gyarados, but no one notices poor JB.

Obviously, Pokémon Go has taken priority over celebrities.