Video Shows Terrified Kid Getting Stabbed In Buttocks With Syringe By Teacher


Some brutal footage out of Venezuela – this video shows a teacher punishing a boy by stabbing him in the buttocks with a syringe.

The nursery teacher has been suspended after the video went viral in Venezuela – the woman is believed to have been looking to ‘punish’ the boy for bad behaviour, the Daily Mail reports.

The boy, who looks to be about 4-years-old, is dragged across the class by the teacher, who pulls his pants down and tells him he’s going to get an injection.

She then grabs what local media have reported is a syringe, and jams it into the boys arse. He then screams in pain.

The woman and her colleague are now being investigated by police, and are suspended while inquiries are made.

Apparently other parents had previously found their children were terrified when they said the word injection to them, often bursting into tears. This has sparked fears this was a regular punishment at the school.

Prosecutor Anccelut Prieto said:

We have ordered the psychological evaluation of more than 20 children after analysing the video footage and a report is being prepared for prosecutors.

Absolutely brutal.