Video Shows Terrifying Moment Guy Pulls A Gun In Attempted Carjacking

Live Leak/Shutterstock

A dashcam captured the terrifying moment a man pulled a gun and pointed it at a motorist’s head in an attempted carjacking.

In the video, shot in Houston, Texas and uploaded to Live Leak this weekend, the thug can be heard threatening driver Dimitri Kovacs off camera before the driver can be seen speeding away from the scene and sighing with relief.

According to Kovacs, the would-be carjacker slammed his hand against the driver side window, pointed a gun at his head and threatened him.

In the footage, the attacker can be heard shouting: “Dude, I’m going to knock your ass out if you don’t get out of this car!”

At that point, Kovacs put his foot down and sped away from the scene.

Viewers of the video were pretty stunned by the brazen carjacking attempt, not least because it happened on a quiet suburb in broad daylight!