Trollstation Cause Mayhem In ASDA Over 5p Bags In Latest Prank


There has been a lot of talk about the new 5p plastic bag charge in England, and the way some people have gone on you’d think the world was ending.

We already showed you how the internet took to the new fee when shopping, well a new video has emerged showing precisely the chaos we all naturally feared.

It starts with someone who was ignorant to the new legislation being confronted with the whopping charge of five whole English pence.

The man refuses to pay and is then confronted by another man who wants to make clear the cost is not optional. Matters quickly escalate…

It’s the usual sterling work of Trollstation. Check it out below:

As mentioned at the end, and given away by the presence of multiple cameras, this was a stunt.

The prank, designed by YouTubers Trollstation, shows how ridiculous the feared collapse of society is as a result of being moderately more eco-conscious.

But just to make sure you avoid supermarket suffocation, maybe chuck a few carrier bags in your boot for future use.