Video Shows Why Cyclists Should Never Undertake Taxi Drivers

man hit 2Daz Lin

Taking a bike ride through London can be a great day out, but cycling during rush hour can also be really fucking dangerous.

One cyclist clearly hasn’t taken his cycling proficiency course and found this out the hard way, when he attempted to undertake a left-turning taxi as this video shows.

The taxi hits the man and knocks him off his bicycle and into the road, luckily the collision was pretty slow speed otherwise the accident could’ve been far worse.

Surprisingly both men decided to be grown ups, shook hands and left what could’ve been a far worse accident at that.

B084FX_1947399cDaz Lin

YouTube users however, have begun doing what they do best and started arguing. In this case arguing over whose fault the collision was.

One user commenter said:

That was the taxi at fault. He did not start indicating until the cyclist was already passing him

While others disagreed saying:

This is why cyclists shouldn’t undertake left turning vehicles.

In any case, lets set aside motorists versus cyclist debates and all agree that no one was hurt and that’s a good thing