Viewers Shocked By Cameraman’s Repeated Focus On Reality Star’s ‘Sweaty Cleavage’


Anyone who looks like they just came off the cover of a magazine while working out is lying: They’re not really exercising.

Someone who is actually in the gym to work out will look like they just came off the Maid of the Mist voyage through Niagra Falls.

They will definitely not, however, look like Kate Wright and Amber Dowding during the first episode of the new series of TOWIE.


No visible sweat anywhere but the cleavage. Hmm.

Don’t believe they’re really working hard on that exercise bike? The cameraman is here to prove you wrong.

Twice over the course of 45 seconds, the camera lengthily pauses over Kate’s extremely ‘sweaty’ cleavage.

And everyone had the same question:

Nothing says ‘I’m working hard at the gym’ like a face full of flawless makeup and some sweaty boobs.

Ah, ‘reality’ TV.