Vinnie Jones Explains Where Picture Of 100 Dead Foxes Came From

by : Francesca Donovan on : 25 Jul 2017 09:36

Vinnie Jones claims he is the victim of Twitter hacking after a photograph of 100 dead foxes was shared to his social feed yesterday.


The Snatch star and keen hunter has spoken out about the photograph, depicting 100 foxes allegedly shot dead by Jones, which caused outrage among Anti-Hunting Twitter.

The offending photograph, which has since been deleted, was captioned: “A real night lamping #foxes anyone beat this?”


In a series of tweets, Vinnie denies having anything to do with either the slaughter of the foxes, nor the uploading of the photograph.


Instead, he claims he has been the victim of a hack and that the photograph has been traced back to Australia; literally on the other side of the world to Vinnie’s usual hunting ground in Sussex.

The tweets read:

The former footballer, who has been a keen hunter and pigeon shooter since he was five years old, has apologised for any distress the grim image has caused to his followers.

Meanwhile, the alleged hack has caused some to pass judgement on Jones’ leisure activities – including lamping – and he’s still taking heat online.

Twitter observers shared other photos of Vinnie with dead animals, which some may find disturbing:


In an interview with Shooting UK , Jones defended his country pursuits, saying:

I love pigeon shooting – building the hide, putting the decoys out. Lamping is probably my favourite – I’ve spent a lot of money on customising my Land Rover for lamping.

If the farmer has a fox problem I love going out and dealing with it for him.

My perfect day would be to get up early, get the hide out, shoot pigeons all day, bagging 200, then go lamping all night and get half-a-dozen foxes.

Despite the outrage of animal rights activists, Vinnie is legally within his rights to practice lamping as there are no legal restrictions on hunting at night if your firearm is registered.

The truth of the matter is out there. It’s only a matter of time until we get to the bottom of it.

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