Violent Lightning Bolt From Blue Sky Filmed Striking Tree Despite Clear Skies

by : Julia Banim on : 15 Aug 2020 17:22
Violent Lightning Bolt From Blue Sky Filmed Striking Tree Despite Clear SkiesViolent Lightning Bolt From Blue Sky Filmed Striking Tree Despite Clear SkiesStoryful

Remarkable dashcam footage has emerged from Florida that shows a rare sunny-sky lightning bolt striking a palm tree.

In the footage, taken Tuesday, August 10, a sudden flash of lightning can be seen, momentarily splitting an otherwise serene blue sky. The fiery bolt appears to hit the tree straight down the trunk, causing one of the branches to break away.

The footage was captured by Jonathan Moore using his Thinkware U1000 Dash Cam. According to Moore, the lightning was completely unexpected as the skies had been sunny that day and the closest storm was a good eight miles away.


You can check out the clip for yourself below:

It’s the sort of lightning bolt you might expect to see thundering off the top of Dracula’s castle on a cold dark night.

However, the scene couldn’t have been more peaceful, with the video taken on a quiet street in the Tampa suburb of Lutz. The sky is cornflour blue with a spray of fluffy white clouds, giving no suggestion or warning of the powerful bolt to come.


A series of summer thunderstorms affected the region of west-central Florida on August 10, according to the National Weather Service, with lightning and gusty winds impacting the area.

As per the National Severe Storms Laboratory ‘bolt from the blue’ flashes have been found to travel several miles away from the thunderstorm cloud, and can be particularly dangerous as they come out of a clear, bright sky without warning.

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