Vladimir Putin ‘Disappears’ After Cancelling Public Appearances


Speculation is mounting over the whereabouts of Vladimir Putin after he cancelled a series of scheduled appointments.

The Russian president has not been seen in public since his appearance at a summit in Finland on July 1st, reports The Independent.

According to RBC, Mr Putin cancelled a meeting on July 5th, postponing it for an ‘indefinite period’ with his ‘assistant receptionist’ claiming he was on a business trip.


He then failed to show up at the opening ceremony of the VI International Sports Games for the Children of Asia in Yakutia on Wednesday – which was blamed on his ‘specific schedule that has the ability to change’.

And he also cancelled meetings on July 7th in Novogorod where he was due to visit the production site of Akron, a metal and mining company – the plot thickens…


According to gazeta.ru, his absences are related to ‘current relationships with Turkey and unfolding problems in Abkhazia’ – an area of Georgia that declared itself an independent state in 2008 with Russian support.

A source told Gazeta: 

The President wants to focus and not be distracted. Regional travel will be moved to August – September, closer to the election.

So that’s nice and clear then…


Putin last vanished from public for a few days in March 2015 and explanations at the time included he was dead, had been overthrown, had a bad back or that his alleged secret girlfriend was having an alleged secret baby.

Personally I think it’s more likely that either his body is rejecting the shark DNA or that there’s far too much sunlight at this time of year…

Or of course it could simply be that he’s Vladimir Putin and he does what the fuck he wants.