Volunteer Reveals How Little Grenfell Fire Victims Have Received In Aid


A volunteer from the Grenfell Tower fire has spoken out about the insufficient support that the victims have received.

Nisha Parti, who has been helping victims, revealed that they have only received £10 and minimal help from the council.

Though millions of pounds have been donated to the victims, there is currently no access to the money because they ‘don’t know where it is’.

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Speaking to Robert Peston, Nisha said:

No, in a word. There is no one organising donations, everyone was just standing around and wanting to help, but we didn’t know what to do.

There is absolutely no help.

The Kensington and Chelsea council have given £10 to the survivors, then they go to hotels.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond later said to Peston that the response has ‘not been good enough’ and that ‘£5 million has been made available for the immediate needs of the victims’.

The government has confirmed that victims, who lost everything in the fire, will receive £5,5000 per household from Number 10.