Waitress Uses Customer’s Hotdog As Tampon Before Serving It


I’m going to go ahead and warn you right away, if you’re eating a hotdog, or just anything really, you might want to rethink clicking on this… because it’s actually disgusting.

Pretty sure you’ll have heard of people supposedly spitting in food when serving a rude customer, not this woman though. No. She’s taken it about 100 steps further.

The video shows a waitress inserting the meat from a hotdog into her vagina before returning it to a plate and serving it with a healthy dollop of ketchup.

Remember, you have been warned:

The video appeared online and with little to no explanation of who the waitress is, who pissed her off, or even which diner we should all be avoiding in future.


Perhaps she misunderstood what a ‘wiener’ was, who knows, maybe we’ll never know.

But what I do know is, I won’t ever be eating a hotdog again, ever.