Waitrose Just Announced It Will Pay The Tampon Tax For Its Customers


Waitrose has announced it will cut the price of sanitary products sold at its stores and will pay the ‘tampon tax’ on behalf of customers.

Women rejoice, because we all know these essential products should be exempt from tax anyway, but I won’t get into that right now…

The chain is following in the footsteps of Tesco who, last month, announced they will be dropping the price of almost 100 products by five per cent.


Waitrose will reduce the prices of 97 branded, and own brand products, by five per cent. The price changes are expected to be made during the course of this week.

A spokesman for Waitrose said:

By covering the VAT cost and reducing the price by five per cent, we are confident it will make a difference to our customers.

Obviously, their decision has gone down well…

The government has indicated it would like to scrap the tampon tax but politicians have said they are unable do so because of ‘EU rules that state the levy must not be lower than five per cent’, writes The Independent.

An online petition calling for ‘tampon tax’ to be removed from sanitary products has attracted more than 320,000 signatures s far.

Way to go, Waitrose!