Wake Up Hating Life? Science Says That’s Probably A Good Thing

Evening Standard

So apparently being a miserable bastard can be good for your health…

It’s great news for those who fucking hate those 6am starts and just generally don’t love life all too much, as a new study by University College London suggests that having moods that change frequently helps us adapt to different situations that life inevitably throws at us.

If you’re loving life, you start to take more risks as they are more likely to pay off. While if you’re being a bit of a moody prick, that low mood can help you conserve your energy and protect you from the harsh reality of life.

Eran Eldar, who ran the study at UCL, found that animals behaved in a very similar way, like hibernating in the winter to conserve their energy. The study also found that the animals morale would improve when it came across any food and would risk climbing more difficult obstacles to get their reward.

So, when someone asks you to cheer up, you now have the chance to tell them to fuck off, as it’s good for your health obviously.

Release your inner mardy bum and rejoice. Or maybe don’t actually, it’s probably better for you.