Walking Dead Actors Keep Getting Bitten In Real Life

The Walking Dead/AMC

The Walking Dead has developed a devoted cult following, and unfortunately for the actors they have taken to biting like walkers on the show.

Tyler James Williams, who played Noah before he met a grisly end, has revealed that an overexcited fan caught him off guard by sinking their teeth into his shoulder.

Williams is the second star from the show to report such an occurrence in recent months, with Norman Reedus, better known for his character Daryl Dixon, being bitten at a convention last December.

It led to Reedus sharing this image with his followers on Instagram, partly as a joke, partly as a desperate plea for people to stop using him as a chew toy by the sound of things.

Um please don't ??

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Williams told TV Guide:

I got bit one time. I think it was like ‘Haha! A joke!’ But it wasn’t funny. The last show I did, I was kind of ripped apart. So I think they thought it would be fun to reenact it, maybe. I just did not see it coming. They went in for a hug and bit me on the shoulder. It was like ‘Haaaa!’”

That’s a thing that most people learn is you don’t bite. Like people say ‘Oh, I don’t bite.’ But they do. So y’know, just keep your teeth to yourself. That would be wonderful.

Even Walking Dead fans hate Chris it seems.