Walmart Call Police On Man For Picking Up Their Trash

by : Julia Banim on : 28 May 2021 15:36
Walmart Call Police On Man For Picking Up Their Trash WGME

A Walmart in western Maine called the police on a man for picking up trash outside the store.

Tony Bennett, of Bethel, had reportedly been asking managers at two Walmart branches in the area to pick up the trash for three years, without success.


Bennett had feared the unsightly waste would end up in the nearby Androscoggin River, with both stores being situated right by the river. And so, feeling he was not getting an adequate response from managers at either the Oxford or the Mexico branch, Bennett decided to take matters into his own hands.

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On Wednesday, May 26, Bennett headed behind the Mexico branch and started clearing away the discarded garbage, having been appalled by the mounds of dirty diapers, shopping bags and discarded face masks he’d seen that morning.


Bennett told the Sun Journal:

They literally just raked (the trash down the banking). They raked from 20 feet to the pavement all the way to bank and they dumped it over the bank right with all of the leaves and debris and garbage for 100 feet long, 20 feet wide and put it right over the bank, with all the other trash.

However, after employees spotted Bennett, he was ordered to leave the property. When he refused to do so, Mexico Police Officer Lawrence Briggs was called to the scene, after which Bennett left of his own accord.

Store Manager Scott Huddleston has since stated a contract to clear away the trash has been issued, however he didn’t know when this would be done.

Man arrested after collecting trash from outside Walmart (WGME 13)WGME 13

Bennett, who has lived by the river his whole life, added:

I don’t like to get so emotional and so involved in all these things. I got other sh*t that I should be spending time on. I’ve got grandkids, but if I don’t do it who the hell is going to? It’s been three years and it hasn’t got addressed.

I can’t walk away from it anymore. I love Maine and I love the rivers, I love the ponds, the lakes and the wildlife and I’m not gonna let corporate Walmart sh*t all over Oxford County, Maine. They can do it to the rest of the country and the rest of the world but they’re not doing it here on my watch.

According to Bennett, Walmart should now build a 10-foot-high fence along the side of the river to prevent trash from getting down the banking and into the water.


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