Walmart Criticised For Banning Pokémon Cards But Still Selling Guns

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Walmart Criticised For Banning Pokémon Cards But Still Selling Guns (PA Images)PA Images

Walmart has come under fire for refusing to sell trading cards due to safety concerns, while still making guns available to the public.

Pokémon cards seem pretty harmless and have been widely available in the past. While your friend or sibling getting a shiny may lead to a fistfight and plenty of tears, the concerns about them impacting health and safety have been pretty minimal until now.


However, Walmart and Target stores have begun implementing an safety measure that will see MLB, NFL, NBA and Pokémon trading cards removed from their shelves. Safe to say, the move is seeing a negative reception from baffled fans.

Bleeding Cool reported the new sign that is expected to be seen across multiple stores. The sign reads, ‘To ensure the safety of our guests and team members MLB, NFL, NBA and Pokemon Trading Cards until further notice.’ Rest assured, none of these cards have become associated with underground syndicates or blood sports. Instead, this is a measure in response to scalping.

The buying and reselling of desirable products for a higher price has led to a higher demand for them. Off the back of this, a Wisconsin Target parking lot recently saw guns being drawn over the cards. There have also been sharp spikes in the rate of trading card thefts in stores. Naturally, these issues are serious and stores are concerned.


However, some have been quick to point out that the issue is slightly ironic. Brian Altano, a content creator at IGN, noted that despite guns being drawn over cards, you can still buy firearms at Walmart. Given that the death rates associated with guns are astronomically higher than trading cards, some feel the removal of guns would be a better safety measure. With this in mind, many are disappointed at the actions of Walmart.


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After Altano’s comments, many are suggesting that gunfights in parking lots would be avoided if the stores stopped selling firearms.

The situation is prompting greater discussions about the impact of scalpers. Some have taken to social media to note that greater action needs to be taken to avoid situations where retailers don’t feel comfortable selling cards.


At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be a plan for addressing scalping and instead avoiding products like this appears to be the favourable option. Whether Walmart will return to selling trading cards remains to be seen, what is clear is that guns aren’t going anywhere.

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