Walmart Customers Fear Gunman As Firework Aisle Is Set Alight


As long as America permits the use of automatic weaponry in civilian hands there is always going to be a reasonable fear of being involved in a mass shooting.

Customers at a Walmart in Phoenix, Arizona understandably feared the worst when what sounded like gunfire resonated throughout a store last Wednesday.

The incident thankfully did not involve a gunman, but it was still disturbing – the firework aisle at the store had become engulfed in flames.

Check it out:

Ardell Deliz of the Phoenix Fire Department told ABC:

A lot of people thought they were being shot at.

We treated everyone for smoke inhalation on the scene.

This could have been deadly. Walmart did a great job of evacuating.


The fire was brought under control ten minutes after the first alarm was raised in store, and the search continues for two suspects who remain at large.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 17.32.24Phoenix Fire Dept.

It goes without saying that if the fire was set deliberately then those responsible are absolute weapons.

But Walmart should also recognise that, as a store, they made the scene entirely possible by leaving the fireworks on display to the public.

I know some people talk about health and safety going mad, but that doesn’t mean you have to go right to the other end of the spectrum…