Wannabe Reporter Accidentally Solves Arson Case Live On Facebook

Rhoda Young/Facebook

A wannabe reporter has gone viral after filming a Facebook Live from the scene of a house fire and figuring out who started it.

Rhoda Young, was ‘reporting live’ from street in Norfolk, Virginia, at the end of last month – and the video is absolutely brilliant.

At one point telling viewers: ‘We on the scene of this b***h. This is Rhoda Young reporting live. I’m a volunteer.’

Watch the video here:

After filming herself speaking to camera and recording the scene, Rhoda finds a guy sitting on some grass across the street from the burning house.

The man is sat watching the house and drinking a can of beer.

Rhoda walks up to him and finds out he lives in the house which is currently burning down and she asks him how his house caught fire.

He replies: ‘I dunno.’

Rhoda Young/Facebook

Rhoda asks him if he was at home at the time and he said he was.

The wannabe reporter then explains the electrical wiring in the house is ‘going down’ and says:

Oh s**t, f**k, f**k, let’s get out of here. I need to get this street blocked off

She then notices the man whose house is on fire burnt his face and hair.

Rhoda then realises he was in the house at the time of the fire, found out where it started and put two and two together.

She tells the camera:

The owner of the house was upstairs when the fire started… Doing my investigation, I have now discovered his motherf*****g hair was on fire, and his pants is burned off his damn leg.

So he was right there when the fire started, and he got a six pack of goddamn PBR. So now I gotta figure out how he start that fire.

Rhoda Young/Facebook

Rhoda tries to tell the authorities what she’s discovered but she is brushed off by the firefighter. But that doesn’t stop her, oh no, she goes back to him but again, he’s having none of it.

She points the camera to the homeowner and says: ‘Once again, that’s the owner drunk as a motherf****r.’

Eventually, the man is seen getting arrested.

Rhoda, being safe as to not break any media laws, makes sure to use the ‘allegedly’. A lot.

She says:

Allegedly this man set his house on fire. He has allegedly been placed under arrest. He allegedly admitted to setting his house on fire.

Rhoda Young/Facebook

Finally, Rhoda finishes up her live stream with a quite frankly phenomenal bit of self-confidence, and why not?

She says:

I did solve the crime before the fire marshal got on the scene.

Whether or not they want to give me gratitude or tell me thank you, but guess what, I know I did my job.

I did the best job I could do, and if the fire marshal can at least say: ‘Thank you, Rhoda Young, for solving this crime and making our job easier’, it would be truly appreciated.

The video of Rhoda’s great investigation has received more than one million views on YouTube.