War Between Russia And Turkey ‘Most Likely’ As Russians Send Warship To Mediterranean

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Tensions continue to grow between Turkey and Russia after the Turkish armed forces downed a Russian jet yesterday morning.

Vladimir Putin has now announced he will be sending a new air defence system to Syria, as well as a warship to the Mediterranean sea, The Mirror reports.

The advanced S-400 air defence system will be taken to a Russian base in the Latakia area of Syria, their defence minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed.


And the Russian president has now cut off all military contact with Turkey, as well as deploying a warship in the Med.

The Russians have also said they will annihilate ‘any targets representing a potential danger’ to its military operations over in Syria.


According to the Daily Mail, from now on Russian bomber planes will be accompanied by fighter jets when carrying out raids in Syria.

Russian military analyst, Pavel Felgenhauer, has said war between Russia and Turkey was now looking ‘most likely’.


The incident was sparked yesterday morning, when a Turkish warplane shot down a Russian fighter jet that they claim had violated their airspace. Russia denies this, and says its planes never left Syria.

One Russian pilot was allegedly shot by Syrian rebel forces after parachuting out. The other was rescued by Russian special forces last night, Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu confirmed.