Warcraft Movie Has An Awesome New Interactive Trailer


The trailer takes you on a ride over the top of Stormwind, in the Warcraft world of Azeroth, and gives a full 360 view of the landscape.

Comic-Con was a Warcraft fans wet dream. Director of the upcoming movie Duncan Jones had to keep stum about the details although some leaked footage of the 8 minute trailer has worked its way online.  WETA Workshops teased with a showcase of props and armor used to bring the PC game to the big screen. And they looked pretty awesome.

In a bid to give fans something else to get excited about, Industrial Light and Magic’s xLab have produced this interactive trailer that let’s you fly over Stormwind, and get a feel for the cinematics of the movie. The trailer works best in Chrome but will run on other browsers (admittedly pretty bustedly) so make sure you’re running that before you click play.

It looks better in the browser than this .gif suggests. Honest.

The Warcraft movie has been in production for what feels like forever but does have an official UK release date of June 6th 2016. If all the awesome parts of this add up, this movie could be one of the biggest of the year.