Warner Bros. Are Thinking About Rebooting The Matrix And It’s A Terrible Idea

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It’s been less than a decade since the Wachowski Sisters first loaded up the simulated reality of The Matrix but it seems that Hollywood has already decided it’s time to reboot the system.

According to Digital Spy Warner Bros, the studio behind the original franchise, are in early talks to reload and update the series for a more modern audience.

Initial reports seem to indicate that neither of the Wachowskis, the siblings behind the original trilogy, are working on the project but it is extremely early days.

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The reason for their lack of involvement is supposedly due to a ‘strained relationship’ with producer Joel Silver who is the one who approached Warners about potentially rebooting the series.

Despite the new Matrix only being a few lines of code so far a number of names are already being thrown about to develop the project.

Creed star Michael B Jordan is the one apparently being considered to replace Keanu Reeves as the film’s leading man and Zak Penn, who’s wrote X2 and The Avengers may be penning the script.


Reeves himself is unlikely to return to the series without the Wachowskis being involved and his character is dead at the end of Matrix Revolutions, I think? To be honest the last two films are a bit confusing.

By now you’re no doubt thinking if none of the original crew are involved why can’t we just start a new franchise? Well the answer dear friends is ‘money’ of course.

YOU REMEMBER THIS!!! - Warner Bros.

Lets be honest rebooting The Matrix isn’t a great idea but in this decade of stealth reboots, mid-quels, prequels and sequels what do you expect, real creativity? Nah, get to fuck.

The Matrix reboot will most likely be a mixture of all your ‘favourite’ moments from the first films so expect slow mo, references to The One and constant winks and nods to the first film designed to make you nudge your friend and go ‘That’s from the first one’.